The flower market behind every great florist

Come to the largest flower market in Athens and choose the most beautiful plants and flowers for your own business.

Get everything you need
in one place

Imagine one amazing wholesaler. Save time and hassle when you get all your plants and αψψεσσοριεσ from just one place. You focus on what you do best.

Be an awesome florist!
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Buy in person,
not from a screen

Use all your senses when you choose your plants at the Market. Not a photo on a screen. Pick the down-to-a-tee shade of still-springing flowers to create a bouquet they won’t want to throw.

Choose color, defien the perfume
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ανθη φυτά χονδρική

Make them smile

“The joy you give your customers makes all the hard work worth it. And when you use fresher, longer-lasting flowers, you’ll be making your customers even happier.”
Watch the Flower Market

Be Different Unique Specials

We love flowers. So much that we founded Agricultural Floricultural Nurseries of Attica to support that wonderful industry. Buy Greek flowers all year round at the Flower Market and get that so-hot-right-now country garden look.

6.5 M
9 M
4.5 K




Αρωματικά Φυτά

Aromatic Plants

Κάκτοι - Παχύφυτα






Φυτά Εσωρικού χώρου

Indoor Plants

Φυτά Κηποτεχνίας

Gardening Plants

Delivery Services

Rest a little more. We will come to you.


60 years of history

Παλιά Ανθαγορά

Meet Greece's largest flower market and one of the largest in the world.

  • 1960 - Establishment of the Nursery Association of Attica
  • 1982 - Transportation to Galatsi Attica
  • 1998 - Establishment of the Cooperative in privately owned facilities of 35 acres at the foot of Parnitha.
  • 2014 - Creation of an order office for shipments of plants throughout the country, under the name of New Cooperative Freight Forwarding Company (NEDES)
  • 2015 - Introduction of Electronic Invoicing. Send invoices electronically to all of our customers, within a comprehensive pricing and environmental liability system.
  • 2016 - Decrease in invoicing time for orders. Shipment by tablet from the producer to the head office of the Cooperative
  • 2017 - Plant traceability system and introduction of plant passports into invoices.
  • 2018 - Certification of the Cooperative as OPECEPE Statement Reception Center.

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When using the Flower Market, become part of a wonderful floristic community. Make friends with other amazing florists, share tips and learn from each other daily. There's no other place like this.